30.03.2020 may I introduce our beautiful youngster girls
27.07.2019 we have beautiful kittens looking for a lovely home
25.08.2018 Vicroria Secret got her own paige
25.08.2018 Kittenupdate
03.02.2018 also Sparrows and Shannaras first kittens are born and first pics from our X kittens
22.01.2018 first kittens from my youngster boy Thorin - more infos soon
24.12.2017 Merry Christmas to all of you <3
27.08.2017 Time to say Goodbye to my lovely V und W babys...
now we had a little time to rest
but not too long - we already have plans for the winter
03.08.2017 kittenupdate
15.05.2017 my beautiful princess Utah is available
21.02.2017 Sparrow has his own site
13.02.2017 she definitely has to stay <3
07.02.2017 kittenupdate
22.01.2017 if dreams become true
HCM and PKD screening:
Hug me Henry the Purrfectcoon
Glücksbotens Jamaica
Glückbotens Fantastica
Zoe of Brendas Garden
Glücksbotens Pandora

everything allright - I'm so happy
11.12.2016 kittenupdate
24.10.2016 showresults
14.10.2016 kittenupdate r-litter
12.10.2016 new pics from Jocelyn
04.09.2016 kittenupdate
16.07.2016 Henry's webpage is online
25.06.2016 plans 2016/2017
17.11.2015 time to introduce our new familymember
28.10.2015 new pics from Pina <3
18.10.2015 You can meet us on this shows 
15.08.2015 new babys arrived
06.05.2015 in the end of may we wait for kittens
a unique mating
Glücksbotens Jocelyn <3 Stolzensees Bounty 
16.04.2015 I`m happy to present my new youngster girl
Glücksbotens Jocelyn
 04.03.2015   new pics from Zoe
 04.03.2015   HCM and PKD screening - everthing all right
Glücksbotens Jocelyn
Glücksbotens Jamaica
Glückbotens Fantastica
Zoe of Brendas Garden
Reborn To Love Pina Colada 


new pics from Jocelyn und Jamaica




You can meet us on this shows 


I´m so happy to introduce my new youngster girl <3


our new Homepage is online - thank you my dear Anita <3 

































































































































































































































































































































































































































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